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1000 Posts!

2009-11-09 01:22:23 by Dmabster


"Rig. Please. I love you so much."

For those of you who dont know.

2009-09-27 14:01:19 by Dmabster

I used to be HATED! ews/post/150606 I just have to say some things people said about me are fucking hilarious! I havent spoken to these guys in a while, their probably still giant douchebags though.

Thats it. Honestly this brightened my sunday.

Power of three update

2009-05-26 16:38:01 by Dmabster

Art- Dmabster
Music- SuperMusic

Still need a programmer. As for the concept. Ill tell you later.

Power of Three

2009-05-16 13:51:21 by Dmabster

I have a concept. I can do art, and im looking for a programmer. I already have a musician in mind.

Loving the medals

2009-04-04 21:22:17 by Dmabster

A very innovative system, now if only we got a freind system going. That would be pretty cool.

Poor Dave

2009-01-15 21:31:37 by Dmabster

People always made fun of Dave. All the kids. Hell even the teachers. And what do they do to those teachers? Fire them? Sue them? NO! Honor them on!

Poor Dave

Ok, ive been neglecting the site lately. Ill be on more often. Good news for some, bad for others. Which brings us to tonights word.

Enemies- I've made afew enemies in my short time at newgrounds. Ive decided to mention a couple.

Ngmastah- A bit of a... different case. He is pretty much my oldest enemy. I noticed lately hes only thirteen. Wow. Whatever, I like to welcome all ages to Newgrounds and... fine im around the same age. So yeah. ANYWAY! We havent been quarreling lately. I really cant say much more. He also posted about me, some others, and dodoman1, one of my former friends on this site. With that he made me see hes not the only one who thinks im annoying.

Mindchamber- OK hes a frenemy. A friend who has in the past, sided against me. Only on two occasions. Closing The PFN thread, which was my home for a while. I was an established member. And kicking my ass in castle crashers. Otherwise, mind chamber is awesome.

None else come to mind.

Next matter, I began planning a movie about Metal Gear but it didnt really pick up. But im now gonna work on it more. YOU KNOW IF YOUR IN THIS PRODUCTION. Feel free to try out i still need a Colonel, a Raiden, and a Liquid.

For Channukkah i got a watch a bass guitar and some $. Happy/ Merry WHATEVER U CELEBRATE! :D

OBAMA HAS WON THE PRESIDENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Mr. Black President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Infinite Paint

2008-10-10 21:15:20 by Dmabster


Infinite Paint